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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 15, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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crashed the site. brown eventually revealed that the mystery title will be entitled inferno and involve the same puzzle solving professor as the da vinci code. hmmm. on this day in 1919 two and a half million gallons of steaming hot molasses flooded the streets of boston. it was around lunchtime on an unseasonably warm day. a 60-foot tank filled with molasses meant forum exploded and an 8-foot wave of deadly hot goo swept down the streets of bean town town. it killed more than 20 people. dozens of horses and injured about 150 other folks. it also destroyed the local firehouse and knocked over support beams for the elevated train line. some locals claim you can still smell the sweet stuff on a hot summer day but the molasses disaster struck boston 94 years ago today.
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and now you know the news for this tuesday, january the 15th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. the news continues tonight and tomorrow. analysis right now. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [shouting] >> bill: now the culture war is spreading all over the world as gay activists attack the pope and in france antigay marriage protesters take to the streets. >> the thing they should do is a referendum and then we will know what people really want. >> we will tell you what's going on tonight. >> i can absolutely confirm that we don't use -- products. i'm sick and tired of these allegations. enough is enough. >> bill: lance armstrong comes out of the closet as a liar and doper. will lawsuits start flying? is is it legal on the case. >> republicans in congress can v. two choices here. they can act responsibly or
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irresponsibly. the financial well being of the american people is not leverage to be used. >> bill: will president obama succeed in destroying the republican party? he is trying. charles krauthammer will analyze. >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the culture goes worldwide that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you have been watching the memo i have been reporting that america is moving to the left very quickly. president obama's election has emboldened many liberals and funding taxpayer abortion, legalized narcotics and gay marriage. overseas the same thing is going on as the left is surging. in rome on sunday a group of gay activists stripped off their searches revealing the words in gay we trust. the pope was in the middle of a public prayer as the
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protesters tried to shout him down. >> [shouting] >> go with a message to pope to shut up his mouth and not to give his ad vices to those people who decide to legalize gay marriage. >> bill: italian police carried the protesters away but chances are nothing much will happen to them. in france the new socialist president has vowed to enact gay marriage. that has angered some french citizens including the sizeable muslim nation. so also last sunday they took to the streets saying they want traditional marriage to be upheld in france. >> whenever so many people are in the streets, it shows us that it's a law that's not accepted by lots of people. the thing they should do is a eleven dumb. then we will know what people really want. >> the french police say about 350,000 demonstrators showed
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up. others say the crowd was much larger. can you see that the culture war is intensifying. now here in the traditional forces are scattered. the left is better financed, letter organized, and more motivated. mitt romney lost the election partially because hundreds of thousands of traditional voters stayed home. they didn't like romney. perhaps he wasn't conservative enough. the result, a triumph for liberalism. if traditional americans want to stop the trend, they have to do it at the ballot box. and they have to convince younger americans, minorities and apathetic people, which there are plenty that the country is headed for disaster. liberalism itself is not bad thing. if you look at american history some of our greatest accomplishments were driven by liberal leaders. now we are looking at an emerging nanny state. libertine social policies that a client of religion and incredible, incredible selfishness. that's what's on display here in america.
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if traditional people don't stay in -- stand up we will become sweden. reaction from our barack and hard place duo here now monica crowley and alan colmes. who punched you? >> it was a very ugly christmas dinner at the crowley household this year. bam, right in the kisser. >> what really happened? >> i'm auditioning for the real housewives of beverly hills. that's what's going on. >> what really happened to you? >> i looked like cass tell yesterday. >> bill: you snell. were you drunk. >> no. i fell. >> bill: for no reason? >> i was thinking of what i'm going to say next on the factor and boom. >> bill: you look like mickey rosenbacher. you would say you are a traditional conservative. >> i think so. >> bill: i'm surprised that there are in america very few traditional leaders, would you agree with that? nobody to rally around.
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it's a scattered tradition. correct? >> there are some obviously in the churches. some trying to lead a traditional cultural -- >> bill: no, no. who in the churches? who? >> i would say pastors -- i'm talking about. >> liberals are rallying around who? who? >> barack obama. obviously. >> huge icon? >> you are right to say we don't have any national leadership either culturally or on the religious front. >> bill: no one. so that's what's happening here. the traditional americans, i think outnumber liberal americans. they do by every poll. there is no go to guy. there is no organization. and so the liberals who now have centralized under barack obama and his people, right colmes is one of those people. you are one of those people and his people have now emerged very very quickly. just remember five years ago republicans were riding high
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before the the economic collapse with george w. bush reelected for two terms. now, completely opposite. >> there is a lot to what you are saying. a lot of it is also generational. as people are aging out of what you would call traditional. >> bill: five years. >> happens gradually. one day you wake up and say. >> bill: i'm old. >> younger generation doesn't particularly dislike the idea that gays can get married. it's in the libertine. it promotes traditional monday hun nothing -- >> if this were a football the left has all the momentum. >> another thing you said which rings through there is no central figure on the right. >> bill: none. >> mitt romney you said he wasn't conservative enough. i don't think he was anything. he tried to be all things to all people and didn't resonate with anybody on the spectrum. that was the problem. >> bigger picture which you are trying to talk about here couple of things going on this. has been going on for decades where the left has been much more well organized, much more
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well financed and much more focused on their goals. decades they have been chipping away at traditional america. secondly in the immediate fast five years since the economy collapsed most traditional americans have been focused on the immediate and urgent children is the economy, unemployment. am i going to lose my job is my house under water either figuratively with my mortgage or literally with hurricane sandy. >> liberal americans are focused in on that too. >> when most traditional americans are focused on their jobs, their families, their lives, the bigger economic picture. >> bill: you are wrong about that because they have the same economic concerns but yet same to harness their energy in the ideology. >> here is the difference. the left wing focuses 24/7. they never rest on mission of secular progress transformation whether it's america or europe. >> bill: i agree with that. >> they never rest. traditional americans have lives, they have jobs. >> wait a second. >> they are less focused on the cultural side of things than they are about community. >> liberals don't have jobs.
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you are talking as if tradition is is opposition to liberalism as if you are a liberal therefore you don't respect or honor tradition. that's absurd. liberals have families. liberals are that no must. it's not verses the other like this. traditionals here and liberals here. >> bill: colmes, you have to see that liberal americans and the left are the change drivers. they want the nanny state they want the deemphasis on. colmes, i'm not going to argue with you on this the facts are with me. whether you have a country of 320 million where 50% of the households have someone receiving some government assistance. >> many of them are reference veterans. many of them have paid into the system. social security. >> bill: colmes, it doesn't matter who they are, the nanny state provides some of the provisions are absolutely necessary and some are optional. whether you have more than half of the homes now dependent on the state for
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their largess you have a nanny state. >> you have to break it down entitlements paying into. >> benefits for serving. >> do you see anyone on the horizon in the traditional realm that can become a leader and galvanize traditional forces in this country? anyone? >> i think there are young conservative leaders like marco unionio. >> he will be on tomorrow night on the program. >> scott walker in wisconsin who are willing not just to talk about conservative economic principles but traditional values. >> take for them to rise. because the media will try to put them down. >> of course, they have already tried to destroy marco ruinio. what you showed in europe was very interesting. especially what's happening in france. western europe is much further down the road of secular progressivism than the united states. >> bill: there is a backlash. >> there is a backlash because a lot of these traditional folks in europe are saying hey, wait. we have tried the secularism, liberalism, and it is destroying their country.
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>> it's too late for them in europe. it's too late. >> it may very well be and we are getting there fast. >> bill: colmes and his crew may win. next on the run down, lance armstrong admits to doping, lying and being a complete jerk. and this could have a huge legal implication for armstrong. is it legal moments away. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
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but i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes. cupcakes? yes. do you want an etch-a-sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no. you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usually say that. >> bill: is it legal segment tonight. lance armstrong one of the most famous american athletes in the world has admitted to using dope while competing in bicycle races. for years armstrong denied it. >> listen, i have said it for seven years. i have said it for longer than seven years. i have never doped. >> that's crazy, i would never do that that's. no no way. >> but now in an upcoming interview with oprah winfrey armstrong admits he lied and he did dope. here now are is it legal team kimberly guilfoyle and least
5:15 pm
lis wiehl. this interview is going to run thursday on oprah's network. is he going to throw himself on the mercy of the court. all right. everybody can make up their mind about lance armstrong. i think is he a weasel. i have said that from the jump. but, you will like him or there is an excrews, that's fine. i don't care. but by making this admission, he opens himself up to an enormous amount of potential litigation. >> absolutely. he stands to lose tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. worth $125 million. several lawsuits aren't even filed. the first one is filed a while ago floyd landis one of his teammates who he defamed he brought a whistle blowing suit the government will or will not join in by thursday. that's their deadline to decide whether or not to join him. if floyd landis and the government wins this whistle blowing case he could be looking at $100 million in losses because they are treble damages. >> >> bill: explain the case to me. >> floyd landis said wait a second, you were on this team, you were using these drugs along with me. and you defrauded the
5:16 pm
government. the oust postal service. >> did landis get caught using them i don't believe. >> he was caught? thank you. i didn't realize that he was a team of armstrong's. he then came clean, said i did it. armstrong did it armstrong called him a liar, i would assume, right? >> defamed him publicly and there is allegations that he continued to threaten and do the same thing with other people that tried to expose him that he pressured a number of these teammates to blood transfusions to take performance the result is the seven tour de france. >> bill: landis is suing for what though. >> under the whistle blower statute pay back 35 million and treble damages. >> bill: who has to pay. >> labs armstrong is going to have to pay it because he defrauded the u.s. postal service. one of the requirements is you don't take any performance enhancing drugs when we give
5:17 pm
you this because he has been-sponsored. >> bill: how did he defraud. >> he used drugs? >> bill: why would the u.s. postal service be involved. >> condition of it? >> they sponsored him. >> bill: the u.s. postal service sponsored armstrong. >> yes. >> bill: that's taxpayer money, right? >> yes. >> >> they sponsored him and thought he was clean. >> one of the conditions of the contract sponsorship that he not use any of the -- bill in the contract. >> correct. vials of it. >> bill: they are in the suit. if it's ruled so, he has to pay triple damages. >> doesn't have to pavement. >> could be. >> bill: what does floyd get? >> floyd gets 30% of whatever. >> under the whistle blower statute he will get a portion of the ultimate award that is deemed appropriate. >> for the u.s. postal service? >> yes. >> encouragement for people to
5:18 pm
tell the truth. >> it comes right down to. armstrong is in big trouble. then he has got a whole bunch of other suits. >> that's just one of the suits. >> bill: there were sponsors that -- one sponsor is looking for $20 million. >> sca promotions dallas based promotions company. >> lost approximately 150 million in future earnings. >> done. >> i wonder why he did this with oprah. >> you know why? he hoping to reduce lifetime ban so he can participate going forward in these events, get some sympathy. >> bill: he is too old to do it now. >> no offense, is he not a lifetime then. he would still have a year ban. >> he he can't wipe it out but reduce the time. >> bill: terrible murder case in southern california. 10-year-old convicted of killing nazi father, guilfoyle, tell me about this. >> this is a very difficult situation. the child was 10 years of age at the time that the homicide occurred.
5:19 pm
the father, who was a well known white supremacist but also seeking office locally. would regularly hold meetings. held a meeting the day the child was killed. verbally. he also witnessed his mother be abused. he got a 357 magnum which he called a bad gun and shot his father in the head which killed the dad. police came, there is four other siblings. very tragic situation. the child was tried in riverside county. adjudicated by a judge not by a jury determined to be held until 23 years of age. >> bill: it wasn't a jury trial. the judge said is he guilty. >> judge gene leonard. >> second degree murder. >> how much time. >> in jail until age 23. that's 11 years from now. now, the did's defense was he was an abused child by the father. physically abused, right? >> well, that was never actually proven. >> bill: it wasn't? >>. no the mom did confirm that he was abused. >> the stepmother.
5:20 pm
the stepmother also lied. bill will there was suspect of that. >> what the prosecutors brought up is not just this one violent act. >> bill: the kid was a violent kid? and then i understand the judge said that kid waited. he planned it. he plotted it. >> thought the dad was asleep. he knew what he he was doing. he may be able to get out earlier and depending and be held in a facility where he gets counseling. >> bill: american taliban guy john walker lind. remember him? he wins an outrageous court decision. also we have brand new bill o' poll for you. are you ready to forgive lance armstrong for doping and lying? yes or no? bill o' and the factor will be right back. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene.
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>> bill: continuing with is it legal. johnny michael span was killed in afghanistan by the taliban. participating in that action was an american. john walker lind who pleaded guilty in 2002 and sentenced to 20 years in prison for aiding the taliban. he is serving the sentence in terre haute, indiana. it is there that lind and other muslim convicts filed the lawsuit. with us is lis wiehl and kimberly guilfoyle. the lawsuit said what. >> simple. inmates within this correctional facility that has high risk security inmates such as john walker lind. and they were able to pray in a prayer group on a daily basis. he was precluded from doing so because they considered it to be a security risk. he is high profile and he engenders a lot of support from the inmates and tastes being held there it is well known by u.s. intelligence sources and people that study and work on these cases of terrorism that that is a means
5:25 pm
by which they congregate and spread. >> bill: lind and others filed a lawsuit, wiehl demanding what? >> that they can pray together every day. >> bill: pray together every day? islam i understand and we researched this today. there is no tenant that you have to pray together. >> support praying together. >> bill: good like going to mass for the catholics. it's good but if you go to mass by yourself. >> still okay. >> bill: you don't have to go with 15 people. same in islam. you don't have to pray with 15 people. >> bill: they were claiming their rights were being violated. >> religious freedom rights. >> bill: by keeping them segregated. >> at least this initial judge said, yes, that's right is it right? >> no, it's not right. >> judge from the southern district of indiana there is a 1993 law in the united states which precludes curtailing religious freedom and activity. >> security risk didn't have to go ahead and authorize it.
5:26 pm
>> this judge we just saw she made a mistake in your opinion. >> definitely made a misstangeght the government should appeal to the eighth district. >> we don't know whether they will appeal or not. >> just to recap. they don't want lind and the other muslims to get together aunt guise of prayer and hatch some plots. >> exactly. very real concern. >> bill: norfolk, virginia you may remember the two reporters for the newspaper there were beat up by a whole bunch of people pulled out of their car and there was a 911 call about it. woman being beaten by the mob. called 911. they won't give it to the factor. state of commonwealth virginia won't release it, period. but they did release norfolk, virginia did release this 911 call, go. >> norfolk, 911, where is your emergency. >> i'm driving down the street right before the view.
5:27 pm
>> bill: we have a picture of the baby lion? can you throw the baby lion up there now so we know what we are talking about? i hope can you. was there a baby lion? >> it was not actually a baby lion it was a baby dog. that looked like a baby lion. >> bill: there he is. that looks like a puppy. >> that was a labradoodle named charles. >> that's a real dog, right? >> he groomed like that. charles the monarch to look like a lion. this is a dog out for a walk that looks like a lion they call 911 and norfolk police solve the case. >> a they solve the case and b within two days these 911 calls were released. >> bill: okay. so, guilfoyle, your conclusion based upon the norfolk police refusing to release -- all right. we have had enough of the lion. >> this is distracting and funny and cute and takes attention away from the fact that they botched the other investigation and there was no media attention for two weeks for withholding that and they
5:28 pm
shouldn't. >> bill: no way to withhold it case is over. >> they changed twice. first of all when the factor called and said look can we get it? no. now they are saying the case is not over. it's over. >> bill: it's over. one guy got a demeanor wrap. >> 17-year-old pled guilty. >> bill: he almost beat these two people. they had to go to the hospital we know the fix is in. >> absolutely. no legal justification not to. >> bill: you are absolutely right. it was botched. we're glad the lion is okay. remember the song the lion sleeps tonight in the jungle. >> no. >> i will sing it after the program. but not now. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. will president obama succeed in destroying the republican party? charles krauthammer has some thoughts on that. john stossel on what the president is likely to do about guns. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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>> bill: report from the web site politico says president obama may issue as many as 19 executive orders on the gun situation. tomorrow morning the president will tell us what he wants to do. >> there are specific legislative actions that he will will continue to call on congress to take, including the assault weapons ban, including a measure to ban high capacity magazine clips. including an effort to close the very big loophole and the
5:33 pm
background check system in our country. >> bill: maybe if you shot a pistol in the air, carney would liven up a little bit. here is john stossel of the fox business channel. if he would get a little more energy. what the press spokesperson for barack obama did say there was that the president is not going to do anything tomorrow. that is he going to leave all the heavy stuff, the semiautomatic weapons to congress, the magazine clips to congress and what is he likely to do is interview craft particular stuff. >> which is kind of a relief. this executive order idea can be really abused and i was afraid. i have the right to ban everything. >> bill: but he doesn't. under the constitution it's a constitutional question. he knows it would be knocked down very quickly the house wouldn't pass and number of democrats wouldn't pass. >> it wouldn't be knocked down very quickly. nothing gets down very quickly. >> bill: federal court put a spray stossel, he comes on this program because he knows that i'm always right.
5:34 pm
let me ask you. this. >> what looking what prior president has done. locked up 10,000 japanese americans. >> nixon did that he slapped on -- jfk did the detour executive order. >> i'm not criticizing barack obama for the use of the executive order. i mean, you know, they all do and it sometimes the president believes that he should. that's in our system. have you ever been to chicago, stossel? >> i grew up in chicago. >> i didn't know that outside of chicago. chicago had more gun killings in 2012 than coalition forces were killed in afghanistan. did you know that? >> did i not. >> i just found that out dead. more dead by gun violence in chicago than afghanistan. >> they have very tough gun laws. >> banned them. the city of chicago you can't have a handgun. this should tell president obama this kind of banning business what he wants to do is not going to work. >> nothing tells the left that banning won't work.
5:35 pm
no they can't. people don't get it congress must do something. but the cdc looked at 51 studies of gun laws. they are looking to find some that worked. they couldn't find anything. >> centers for disease controls, right, in atlanta, studied this, if there was anything gun law that helped reduce gun violence and they came up with? >> nothing. >> zero. it's all a mixed bag. if you ban things the bad guys know. >> bill: 300 million guns on the streets of america right now. the bad guys are going to find them, ookay? that's the tway. >> makes no difference. other countries, too. >> bill: i favor though background checks and the government knowing who has an ar. i think that's just sane. you oppose? >> i don't know where to draw the line. the government messes up the background checks. they leave people's names out. you say ar. how about another kind of gun. >> i say just a semiautomatic rifles. the ones with the big clips. i think they got to register.
5:36 pm
>> am i reasonable? >> it seems reasonable to me to ban the big clips, too. it's just a anyone can make one. >> the background checks might. the government collecting this information. >> it's not going to stop another new town shooting. >> doesn't mean you can do this. when we come right back, will president obama succeed in damaging the republican party so much lose the house in 2014. charles krauthammer on that moments away. what are you doing?
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight, as we have been telling you, it looks like president obama is setting up the republican party for a very hard fallboth t ceiling. the president simply will not offer any compromise on federal spending that might get a debt deal done. on guns as we just heard, is he threatening executive orders. so i think the president simply wants to damage the republicans rather than solve complicated problems, at least at this juncture. joining us from washington with his take fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. i see it as a chess game. rather than both parties working together to get some
5:41 pm
gun legislation that might help folks control criminals in that area and rather than getting the debt ceiling done with some, you know, meaningful cuts in spending, the president says, you know, i'm not even going to bother. i want to alienate the republicans so that people will be angry with them. am i wrong? he has been doing that since elections day, i wrote a column ever since september pointing out entire strategy for the fiscal cliff was to split the republicans. it had nothing to do his offers had nothing to do with solving the fiscal issue or solving the debt. he showed nothing to solve the debt since he was elected in 2008. he appoints a commission two years later and ignored it he has never talked about any structure turley cuts in entitle wants. he has no interest in that. he wants the entitlement state. if you want a european style entitlement state you need european style taxation. that's all he is interested in. but his strategy with fiscal
5:42 pm
cliff as is his strategy wonderful the debt ceiling is to split fracture and therefore neuter republicans in the house because that is all that stands between him and total dominance of washington in his second term. he wants a return to 2009-2010 when he had control of both houses he had a super majority in the senate. huge majority in the house. and revolutionized healthcare and passed the biggest spending bill the stimulus in galactic history. that's what he wants. the only way to do it is to do what he is doing and it already worked with the fiscal cliff fractured the republicans. who was in charge of the last vote? nancy pelosi, the democrats. she got 9 out of 10 to go with her. a few republicans. she controlled the agenda. that's his strategy. >> bill: it's working. and i don't know whether it's going to work down the road but he has two huge things
5:43 pm
going for him. the media behind him, all right. so think are going to support what he does generally speaking on the networks news level in the major urban newspapers and wire services like the associated press. he has got all of that favorable push. then he has got a lack of anybody in the republican party who can stand up to him. eye to eye, man to man, and say you are ruining the country, mr. president. it's the leadership, look, you might like john boehner, most americans don't know who he is. all right? marco rubio will be on this program tomorrow. a rising star. but doesn't have nearly the status of president obama or the bully pulpit and the press certainly not going to give rubio a break. everything is going the pet's way. i think that's how he feels. that he has got the momentum and he is going to squash the republicans now once and for all during his term. look i think you are right in identifying the two factors. there is one fundamental difference between those two factors, the media, the press,
5:44 pm
the intellectuals, academia, hollywood, they are always left. they always were. they always will be. that's the sunrising in the east. you have got to live with it despite that we erected a reagan and bush and then a second bush. but the other factor is not constant that's where i think you have got it wrong. you were arguing earlier in the show there was some kind of structural change in the country liberals have a that is simply a function of the fact that the democrats have just won the presidential election. when i look where the democrats were in 2000. when they lost, they had no leadership. who was going to lead the party after the gore defeat? in 2004, who was leader of the party? nobody even heard of barack obama? what you have is a changing country. >> whenever a party loses a presidential election i understand that but what i think you are overlooking is countries change in 12 years.
5:45 pm
the minority vote is much more substantial. the younger americans are not engaged. they don't really pay attention. and they are going on whim and they are going on trend. the media is much more rabidly pro-left now than it was. three things have changed. and i agree whenever a party wins, they're going to take some momentum into the next year. i think it's changed america now. >> i think you are wrong. every time a party loses you get a book coming out saying the permanent republican majority. the permanent liberal majority. nothing in the country is permanent. what's important to remember is this republicans republicansn a beating. liberalism i think we would agree, which is all tax and all spend will not work he or she stein once said if something can't go on it won't go on it will stop. it all stopped in europe. you can only go on spending, racking up the debt and at one point the merry go round
5:46 pm
stops. it's going to stop for the united states. you cannot have trillion-dollar deficits every year. >> the pain is going to be unbelievable. >> if liberalism does not work and it doesn't, it will be rejected. and the conservatives will find their leader. they always do. >> bill: i'm not disagreeing that will happen down the road but i don't want a catastrophe before it happens. and i think that's where we are headed. >> i agree with you on that. >> would've. charles thank you. in a moment al qaeda tries to take over a country in africa and the french are trying to stop it will the u.s.a. join the fight. factor tip of the day, do not fool around with mother nature. we're coming right back. for ye. both of us actually. our pharmacist recommended it. and that makes me feel pretty good about it. and then i heard about a study looking at multivitamins and the long term health benefits. and what do you know? they used centrum silver in the study. makes me feel even better, that's what i take. sorry, we take.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. the african country mali a is
5:50 pm
back water. poor perfect place for al qaeda to take root. now it seems that islamic militants may seize control of mali. standing in the way the french who controlled the country at one time. french armed forces are fighting al qaeda but the u.s.a. is standing back. >> there is no consideration of putting american boots on the ground at this time. we have commended the french for this effort to try to go into mali. >> joining now to analyze colonel david hunt in boston and lieutenant ravel peters in washington. should americans care about this. >> absolutely. while we bogged ourselves down in average teaching hygiene methods to afghan villagers al qaeda has been spreading around the world. bill, nowhere have they had more success than in mali. they now control an area larger than the state of texas. and the french god bless them
5:51 pm
they are doing the right thick. the french army is a shadow. can't do it without transport aircraft. communications. >> bill: you would assume that's happening. >> it is. owe he bama administration is not helping the french out. >> it's much closer close europ. that's why the europeans are so worried. the only good news, bill. is the al qaeda guys in northern mali. they have so alienated the local population with their horrific sharia law -- >> banned music, et cetera. the locals hate them but they have no power. >> bill: okay. same situation, colonel hunt, al qaeda looking for a base, just like they had in afghanistan just before 9/11. they want a country they can train. where they can arm. where they can coalesce. people can come there. that's what they are up to in mali, correct? >> yeah. we have been special forces.
5:52 pm
training, mali special forces and as ralph said. we are there helping to communicate logistics. it's only one step away. the french cannot do this an area that large without our help. have too do what we can to knock out this al qaeda movement in this country. >> absolutely. colonel hunt. recent report by nato itself says that the surge, so-called surge under the obama administration in afghanistan has not worked. now we are talking about leaving fairly soon but the taliban are still strong i believe the report? >> it was produced by the command in afghanistan it trass three or four backs. what happened since the surge is acted increase and all the
5:53 pm
measurements that were used in this report. and so great marines fought. army special forces. everything fought hard. it just didn't work. >> bill: you are a vietnam vet. >> yeah. >> bill: were you in vietnam colonel peters. >> no, i was a little too young but i wish i had been. >> bill: hunt looks a lot older than you i'm sorry to make that mistake. colonel was in vietnam. it's the same thing we had a corrupt south vietnam me regime. didn't work. didn't win the people's loyalty. that's what we are looking at in afghanistan colonel peters. the same thing. the afghani people. they are afraid of the taliban. they are saying, you know, karzai and those people, are they going to protect us? the answer is no. so that they are not really throw throwing in with the u.s. and the coalition forces. >> you have hit the nail right on the head to use yet another cliche. the fundamental difference
5:54 pm
between the afghan forces that we spent over a decade. rag bag taliban is at that time taliban believe in what they are fighting for. they are fighting for their faith and for all sorts of other reasons too. primarily on a jihad. we expect the afghan army and police to fight for harmid karzai. >> it's not that simple though. the taliban is so brutal and the afghan people don't like them. maybe you fight against the taliban rather than for karzai. i will give colonel hunt the last word on it? >> you can the problem is insurgency. 7 to 10 years to fight. this hasn't been fought well. not just a political disaster for obama. a military because many of our four star generals did not know what they were doing. the report produced by our own military shows it didn't work and it's more than time to go because we are spending so many billions -- we also lost 988 guys since the thing
5:55 pm
started. since the start. >> bill: not good news in afghanistan. we hope the french can handle the al qaeda in mali. on democrat, factor tip of the day. do not, do not fool around with mother nature. wait until you see this video. the tip 60 seconds away.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work. impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain,
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5:57 pm
be powersless time and time again, regardless. thank you for the kind words. big thanks to the brilliant cartoonist bruce kinsley who illustrates one fiphilmore and mentioning the cartoon yesterday. and the complete interview with corporal hammar is posted on and come on, al gore is being a capitalist, i thought you were a big supporter of capitalism. please give it a rest. you can make money the old-fashioned way, henry, with honesty and honor, wise up. from smyrna, georgia. the tell me he does care about global warming as long as he can make money from it. and surprise, arizona, my husband surprised me with tickets to see you and miller in phoenix on february 22nd. i'm thrilled. surprised in surprise, and see you at the theater.
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and then in los angeles, the nokia march 1st, washington april 26th, wesbury long island june 1st. as also this coming friday night i will be solo at the hard rock broward county, florida, down in south florida. and check them out on and from anchorage, alaska, being here i have no problem with julieanne moore mocking sarah palin. and if moore said anything policy about palin she would have been booed off the stage. >> and just enjoyed killing kennedy as much as killing lyincol lincoln. as a former social studies teacher, i marvel at how alive you make them. and the tip of the day. we the people love nature. we like to hunt and fish hike
5:59 pm
and camp that kind of stuff. but, be very careful. >> oh my gosh! oh, baby, get he him, baby, oh! oh! oh hold on, baby, hold on! hold on, oh! >> jaws 5. that first was a tar pin, went up and got him. he wasn't fishing. the tar pin got away and most likely yucking it up with his friends. if you're in the water, on the water, in the forest, be ultra aware of what's going onment one time i was snorkeling in the bahamas all of a sudden 200 yards out to sea, head today cuba without a visa, a current got me and i'm a big guy. and right out of there! i was lucky somebody picked me up in a boat or i'd still be in the caribbean. underwater, always nature is


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